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 Are you ready to write and publish your book?

Our writing retreats give you full immersion in five days – providing both the backdrop and breakthrough for your work. Our retreat is not just about writing - it's about creating space for new ideas and accessing our own inner wisdom and creative energy (your muse!).

In this retreat, we'll conduct energy balancing and bravery coaching sessions to clear, invoke and activate the writer within as well as run masterclasses on writing and publishing.

This is a life-changing retreat custom designed for your soulful writing journey.

Join us in in June 2019 for an epic book writing retreat in the jungles of Ubud, Bali at a fabulous retreat centre - it's the stuff dreams are made of.

Let us tempt you with...

Writing & Publishing Masterclasses

Bravery & Visibility Masterclasses

Energy Healing & Clearing sessions

Scheduled Writing Time & Check-in time with Kathryn & Natasha.

Group connection, daily yoga, delicious, healthy meals, surprise treats and fun excursions.

Our Gorgeous Venue!


Your retreat guides

Kathryn Hocking


Kathryn describes herself as a Soulful Launching Mentor & Intuitive Soul Guide.

She takes a holistic approach when working with clients and running retreats and training to ensure that everything is infused with strategy and soul.

After witnessing and supporting hundreds of women to launch Kathryn has developed her own method to help women entrepreneurs be brave, be visible and launch their soul work out into the world.

Kathryn is currently writing her first book the Energetics of Being Seen and will share her writing process and rituals as well as how she moves through resistance, fear and overwhelm in the writing process.

Kathryn will lead Masterclasses on Bravery and Visibility, take participants through energy clearings and be on hand to answer questions on structuring content, the writing process and launching your book.

Kathryn's aim is to help you make writing your book as soulful and strategic as possible!

Natasha Gilmour

Natasha is a book editor with substantial in-house experience in publishing, from commissioning and manuscript development to editing and proofreading.

She has years of experience acquiring and representing bestselling non-fiction and fiction in the print and digital markets.

Natasha has worked with many promising authors, weaving golden threads throughout their pages, guiding them to the stage where their manuscript shines and is taken seriously. Her eye toward manuscript details and overall cohesiveness raises the energy of your writing.

As a writer as well as an editor, Natasha knows exactly what it's like to be a writer in this strange new literary and publishing world—from the inside. She will encourage and support you with her wisdom and wonder of words.

Natasha describes herself as a guiding light, a bridge, a conduit between two worlds. She brings you all she knows to illuminate your writing journey

Natasha Gilmour

Please note that by Registering your interest we will contact you over the coming months when registration opens for this retreat.

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