Get CRYSTAL clear on your next offering

so that you can Launch Like a Pro!

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Know you want to create leveraged online income...

... but having trouble getting clear on what you should launch?

Last time I ran my Launch Like a Pro Challenge I heard from so many of my community members who said that they LOVED the challenge but sadly...

They didn't have anything to launch 


Didn't know what to launch

This made me sad (and determined to help!) as I think all businesses would be smart to launch their offerings and also create more leveraged income streams.

And so Prep School was born! It's the training that comes before the Launch Like a Pro Challenge - helping you to get clear on your offering, your soul clients, what experience you want to provide and how you want to price & position it.

These are important questions to have nailed before planning your launch.

The 4-day ‘Launch Like a Pro Prep School’ will help you to get clear on exactly what you should launch!

... even if you’re prone to overwhelm, suffer from procrastination, and just can't seem to get started!

Over 4 days, you’ll get clear on your idea, positioning, packaging and pricing.

You’ll learn how to:

Day 1

// Get up close and personal with your soul clients and explore what they really need

// Learn how to call your soul clients in through meditation to hear what they have to say

// Brainstorm winning ideas for your next (or first!) offering to provide their dream solution

// Refine these ideas and use my tailored scoring method to find the best idea

// Put your chosen idea through my unique checklist for success - so that you are doubly sure it is a winner!

Outcome: The PERFECT offering idea to launch to your soul clients!

Day 2

//Connect with the sacred energy of your business and what it's dreams & desires are

// Get strategic on the specific purpose of this next offering in your business - if you don't know this you are primed for failure

// Identify how you are going to position your offering - taking the guesswork out and putting the strategy in!

// Ensure that this offering is aligned with its desired positioning

Outcome: A Strategic Positioning Strategy perfect for your soul clients!

Day 3

//You'll undertake a fun creative brainstorming sesh

// You will get clear on exactly what the experience of your offering will be for your soul clients - perfectly matched to how you want to position it and what they want!

// I'll also show you how to add value, sweeten the experience and stand out from the crowd so that you make your offering irresistible to your soul clients!

Outcome: A plan for exactly how you are going to deliver your offering and the little extras that make the experience incomparable to the competition. 

Day 4

// Pricing... the step that trips everyone up! We'll start with a ritual to tune into your inherent worth and ability to attract exactly what you desire and be paid (i.e price!) accordingly.

// I'll show you two methods guaranteed to make pricing your offering aligned and strategic!

// Then we'll do a reality check to make sure that your pricing is in line with your idea, soul client, positioning and packaging of your offering and if not - I'll guide you on how to course correct!

Outcome: A concise strategy for your next offering (that you can finally launch!)

LLAP Prep School Mockup


Get 4 days of value-packed videos, worksheets and activities to help you plan out every step of your offering – in just 5 - 25 minutes per day.

(P.S. These are the exact same materials I use to create six-figure right through to million dollar ideas in my business!)

Imagine getting clear on your dream offering in just 4 days...

You really can do it!

But hurry, this FREE live training is only available until June 29th.

I understand that by joining the Prep School  I will receive promotional emails about the Launch Mastery program.


Kathryn is an expert launch strategist and the creator of several wildly successful online programs including the ecourse Launch Formula and Launch Mastery.

She has led more than 900 ambitious entrepreneurs through the process of creating and launching their own online products and programs.

Kathryn teaches how to fuse strategy with soul, heart with hustle, yin with yang to ensure everything you launch creates sublime abundance and leaves you feeling like a total launch goddess (because you’ll do it in a way that feels fun, fulfilling and sustainable!)

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I understand that by joining the Prep School  I will receive promotional emails about the Launch Mastery program.