Five Rituals to
Upgrade your Energy (& Results)
to elevate your launch

In this guide

I'll teach you how to:

// Activate your energetic system for launch success

// Clear out the blocks and limiting beliefs holding you back

// Align to your launch goals

// Invoke & harness your energetic bravery 

// Open yourself to potent & magnetic receptivity

Ready to get brave?

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During a launch, do you ever feel like you’re doing all the things, sending lots of emails, showing up on social media in a more visible way and sharing your message?

Do people ever tell you you’re “on fire” and congratulate you for getting out there and being visible?

And maybe on the outside, it appears like you’re aligned and ready to meet your goals?

You tell yourself and others how much you ‘want this’. You declare your dreams loud and proud. You set your goals and create goal trackers and measure your progress.

But, usually, on the inside, it’s a different story and we can't seem to achieve our goals.

// the results don't match our desires

// sales are sluggish or non-existent

// our community is not responding to our communications and it feels like we are "talking' to no-one

// we start wondering if anyone actually wants this offering in the first place AND is anyone willing to pay for it

// we start to second guess our worth and whether we really have anything to offer the world

// we start to doubt whether our dreams are even possible


So what’s really going on?

Our energetic system is shutting down in protection mode.

It thinks it is helping us!



This is where Energetic Bravery™ comes in!

Energetic Bravery™ is about activating the courage to be truly receptive to launch success and in this workbook, you will find five rituals to support you in doing that.

When we activate our Energetic Bravery™ we:

// Allow ourselves be visible in all our potency

// Open ourselves to receiving abundantly for our work with a steady flow of clients and money

// Show up in our full magnificence as a coach, healer, creative, or entrepreneur

// Send a signal to our clients that our expertise is valuable & desirable

// Call in our soul clients in a way that feels almost effortless

Harness Energetic Bravery to launch with magnetism and power
Mockups - Five rituals to harness Energetic Bravery™ in your launch

Meet Kath


Kathryn is an expert launch strategist and the creator of several wildly successful online programs including the ecourse Launch Formula and Launch Mastery.

She has led more than 900 ambitious entrepreneurs through the process of creating and launching their own online products and programs.

Kathryn teaches how to fuse strategy with soul, heart with hustle, yin with yang to ensure everything you launch creates sublime abundance and leaves you feeling like a total launch goddess (because you’ll do it in a way that feels fun, fulfilling and sustainable!)

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