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Community Guidelines



To ensure that everyone has a good experience in the Forum we need to have some guidelines for participation in this community.

These guidelines are here to promote a friendly and welcome atmosphere for you and maintain the highest level of integrity, positivity, and focused, respectful growth for our members.

The Launch Mastery (Forum) is strictly for paid members of this e-Course.

Acceptable Behaviour & Relationship with Other Members

The forum will be moderated by Kathryn Hocking creator of Launch Mastery and the Community Manager. Our role will be to stimulate discussion, answer questions, provide inspiration and if necessary, moderate any inappropriate content or comments.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. We have a zero tolerance policy for negativity, gossip or toxic energy. We want this to be a supportive, encouraging environment and a safe place to grow as a person and entrepreneur.

The focus of this forum is to increase our combined knowledge and share ideas, resources and support so we can all be more successful in our Launches.

In this group you will be mentored, mentor others, gain support and advice; form long lasting friendships and experience a reduction in the feeling of isolation that many entrepreneurs experience.

Opinions, advice and all other information expressed by members in discussions or on the group wall are those of the author. You rely on such information at your own risk. Members are urged to seek professional advice for specific, individual situations and not rely solely on advice or opinions given in the community.

Our aim is to support you in the best way possible in your Launch journey, by maintaining a positive vibe and energy within the group.

We do ask that you not tag us by name. We are in the forum daily and will respond when we can. Also by tagging either Kathryn or the Community Manager, you reduce the likelihood of valuable input from other members.

Community Vibe and Mindfulness

Our community forum is filled with members at all stages in the Launch journey. While we want the forum to be there to support you on your good days and bad, please be mindful of how your posts can impact others.

Launching will have its highs and lows, and the forum is there to give you support and a sounding board. However we also ask that you be mindful of the impact of your comments on others. Are you seeking help or are you complaining? Are you sharing your journey or are you sharing your exasperation? We ask that you be mindful.

This is not a Mastermind level group where individual advice and strategy is provided 1:1, or detailed and ongoing support of every aspect of your launch is managed. We will answer your questions to the best of our ability within what is reasonably achievable without being intimately involved in your launch.

Live Video Streaming

Facebook have introduced the ability to live stream video content in Facebook Groups. We ask that you do not use this feature in our forum as we are unable to spend time watching lengthy videos.

Respecting IP

Do not infringe others intellectual property – copy cat behaviour or plagiarism will not be tolerated and is grounds for removal from the program and the community.

Discussions within the group should be kept private to the group.

It is highly likely that people will have similar concepts for their Launch. It is important to respect other’s work and develop your own ideas, content and marketing. There is plenty of room for us all to be successful as long as we stay true to our unique gifts and message.

You may decide to not disclose the specifics of your Launch such as the name or exact topic content, however, we encourage you to share an overview of your Launch so that people can provide advice and support. Our experience with this forum is that members can provide valuable insights, great ideas, market research and feedback on what your customers want.

If you’re ever in doubt whether you can use or share something a member has posted - ask first.

Members who are deemed to be acting inappropriately will be contacted privately and asked to tone down their responses, apologise or remove content as the situation requires.

If this behaviour continues they will be asked to leave with no refund provided.

Our highest priority is to maintain a positive and supportive forum where all people feel comfortable and we will remove people if needed to achieve this.

You are not entitled to a refund if your membership here is terminated.

If you feel someone is acting inappropriately you may report it to the Community Manager, at:

However, we hope there will be no need to do this!

If you acquire goods or services from other members, contributors or recommended providers the relationship is your responsibility. You release us from responsibility in relation to such arrangements.

Promotion Guidelines

We believe that learning to promote your business and sell your services is paramount to your success; however as this group is rapidly growing in size some guidelines need to be placed on this.

Sharing your Launch Sales Page and other pre-launch and launch content is totally fine so long as it is shared in the context of celebrating your progress, or seeking feedback as needed.

However, actively promoting your product to members (is not allowed, as the forum’s purpose is for support & learning, and not promotion).

Similarly, blanket promotion of your business is not appropriate  and in order to prevent this amazing forum becoming ‘spammy’ we ask that you refrain from any sharing not DIRECTLY related to your Launch.

This includes promotion of sales, blogs, physical products, list building activities, offers, affiliate links or even free content not related to your Launch.

Do not message other members seeking business or add people to other groups, unless specifically invited to. When answering questions from other course participants, please respond publicly so others can also benefit from your knowledge. People will know to PM you if they would like to pursue any additional information or a possible business relationship with you.

My team will remove posts if we deem them to go against these policies.

We don’t want to have to spend our time policing this so please use your common sense, be fair to others and if in doubt send an email to and ask first.

Course Contributors and Recommended Suppliers

Course contributors and recommended suppliers  are deemed by us to have expertise which adds value to the program experience, and to course participants. We may from time to time tag contributors, or service providers if we feel they are best placed to answer a question in the forum.

We may also from time to time promote a service they are supplying.

It is up to you to always assess whether the services they offer are suitable for you.

Concerns with the e-Course

The forum is not the place to raise concerns or issues with the Launch Mastery program.

If you need to discuss a concern please email our Community Manager at and she will get back to you as soon as she can (generally within 24 hours Monday-Friday).

Please do not private message or email Kathryn Hocking directly as we have a process that such issues should go through to ensure optimal customer service at all times.

While we make every effort to ensure our course, promotional material and sales material content is free of errors, with the sheer volume of the work, some errors will inevitably slip through.

If you do find a typo, an inaccuracy, an outdated link or anything which you feel is not right, please email our Community Manager

While we may or may not be able to make changes straight away, these will always go into our course review and improvement process, and we do appreciate you sending them through.

Please help us with this by stating -

  • what the error/omission is, and
  • exactly where the error/omission can be found

Please remember that this feedback should not be posted in the Community Forum. The forum is for supporting you, and not a feedback channel for us.

An Attitude of Good Faith

We understand that it can be a little confronting being asked to modify or remove a post. You may not always understand or agree, however we make these decisions in good faith and to the best our our ability and assessment of the situation. It is never personal.

On some occasions you may not be fully aware on the impact a comment or post you have made may make. We have made these guidelines as explicit as we can, but will sometimes make a judgement call based on the overall vibe we believe is healthy for the overall member experience.

We have found that participants who accept feedback graciously and adapt posting behaviour accordingly continue to have a great experience in the forum.

Tech Support & Access

Any issues with tech support and access to the Launch Mastery materials should be emailed to where we have a dedicated team member available Monday-Friday to assist you.

Please do not post such issues in the group as we want to keep the forum free from this sort of issue and focused on developing your Launch and learning from each other.

Again, please do not private message or email Kathryn Hocking or the Community Manager directly about these issues as we have a process that such issues should go through to ensure optimal customer service at all times.

Our support promise

We like to keep our support authentic, highly practical and useful and spontaneous rather than scheduled and repetitive!

However in the interests in giving you minimum support guarantees you can expect the following:

Live Course Dates

During live course dates we are in the forum at least once a day Monday-Friday answering questions, providing inspiration, sharing resources and behind the scenes information from Kathryn’s business.

When the course is not live

After the live dates are over (9 weeks) we will still be in the forum at least once a day Monday to Friday (as needed) apart from scheduled time off which will be notified in advance.

During non-live dates we’ll often pop in with a useful blog, resource or to tell you about a personal experience or learning we know will help you.

Expect to get surprise resources and improvements to the program.

General Support Guidelines

Based on this you should have an answer to your questions within 24 hours (Monday-Friday) for the majority of the year.

We do not work weekends in the forum so please be patient if posting questions over the weekend.. All questions from the weekend will be reviewed and answered on a Monday morning.

If you have an urgent question try searching the forum with keywords, as it is likely that similar questions have been answered previously.

Over the Christmas period we will take a full digital detox break and these dates will be notified in advance.

To maintain productivity in other areas of our business we respond to questions in 1-2 scheduled sessions not constantly throughout the day.

Please note that email or private message support is not included in Launch Mastery and so all questions must be asked within the forum so that everyone benefits from our advice.

Community Manager

Our Community Manager will keeping us inspired, motivated and supported in the forum.

She is your go-to person for tips, advice and support.

You can contact the Community Manager at

Lifetime of this forum

While we hope that this program will last a very long time, we may need to alter or cease the operation of this program at any time at our sole discretion. However, other than unforeseen circumstances such as serious illness of the creator or their family we commit to providing a

minimum term of 6 months support in the Forum and access to the Membership site.

If Facebook changes terms of use or alters their ‘group’ functionality we will try to find an alternate space for members, but we cannot be held responsible for Facebook’s change of terms.

Enjoy & have fun

Finally, this group can be as amazing as you make it. Embrace the experience and support of these incredible entrepreneurs, learn as much as you can, ask questions, share learning’s and achievements and it will change your business and your life.

These guidelines are being continually updated and we encourage you to read them when in doubt about an issue.