How to get your year back on track

Reclaim your vision, beat the overwhelm and tap into your natural cycles to rock your soulful goals in 2018.
FREE Webinar — 10 a.m. Thursday 22nd March 2018, Adelaide Time (ACDT)

It's nearly the end of March...

How are are you doing with those soulful goals
you set in January?

If you have not made the progress you wanted then it's time to try something different.

Your soul is screaming "My love, what you’ve done in the past hasn’t worked, so please — for the love of Shakti — can you find a way to make this coming year different?


Are you ready to learn from someone who year after year, achieves her goals in a soulful way? With room for flow, alignment and flexibility without losing focus and commitment?

Are you over feeling frustrated and disappointed in yourself?

Do you want those goals you dream of to become your new reality?

Ok then, Let’s get to work!

So you're ready to finally ‘get it done’ in 2018...

But where do you start?

Start by taking action and joining me on this live webinar where you’ll get the opportunity to get your year back on track!

We’ll dive into:

// Ways to tap back into your soulful vision and get crystal clear on your goals for this year

// How to prioritise your goals and break them down into weekly tasks

// Why you need to get in touch with your business numbers and cash flow

// Ways to work with your natural cycles (and how this can impact your business)

The year isn’t over yet and there is still so much time to make your dreams a reality!

I’d love to ‘see’ you there live (and answer any of your questions on the fly), but if you can’t make it, I will be sending out a replay. (Only for folks who register though, so make sure you get your name on the list.)

Here’s to getting the most out of your soulful year in business,


Kathryn Hocking

Soulful Business Coach & Soul and Energy Medicine Practitioner

Kathryn is a veteran of the online business space and the creator of several wildly successful online programs including the ecourse Launch Formula and Launch Mastery. She has coached over 1,000 entrepreneurs both 1:1 and through online programs to create their version of freedom on their own terms.

Kathryn teaches how to fuse strategy with soul, heart with hustle, yin with yang to ensure your business creates sublime abundance and is fun, fulfilling and sustainable!

A self-confessed obsessive organiser and planner  - she has found a soulful way to achieve her goals (without burning out) by working with her natural cycles and those of the moon along with exquisite rituals, systems and tools to help her get things done.

Kathryn's superpower is getting energy moving, activating you so that you ditch the overwhelm, clear the blocks (energetic or otherwise) and take action towards your dreams.


10am Wednesday 22nd March 2018, Adelaide Time (ACDT).

7.30pm Tuesday 21st March, New York Time 4.30pm Tuesday 21st March, LA Time